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    Video Playlist: Las canciones del año 1926
    #1 in 2016
    Rihanna - Work
    1 Gene Austin Bye Bye, Blackbird
    2 George Olsen Always
    3 Al Jolson When the Red, Red Robin Comes Bob-Bob-Bobbin' Along
    4 Jan Garber Baby Face
    5 Paul Whiteman The Birth of the Blues
    6 Al Jolson I'm Sitting On Top of the World
    7 Paul Whiteman Velencia
    8 Vincent Lopez Always
    9 Ben Bernie Sleepy Time Gal
    10 Gene Austin Five Foot Two, Eyes of Blue
    11 Jack Smith Gimme a Lil' Kiss, Will Ya, Huh?
    12 Johnny Marvin Breezin' Along With the Breeze
    13 Fred Astaire & George Gershwin Fascinating Rhythm
    14 Louis Armstrong Heebie Jeebies
    15 George Olsen Who?
    16 Louis Armstrong Muskrat Ramble
    17 The Kentuckey Serenaders Black Bottom
    18 Vincent Lopez Show Me the Way to Go Home
    19 Jelly Roll Morton Black Bottom Stomp
    20 Gertrude Lawrence Do, Do, Do
    21 Blind Blake Come On Boys Lets Do That Messin' Around
    22 Fernando & Romeu Silva Chua, Chua
    23 George Olsen Sunny
    24 Ted Lewis & his Orchestra I've Found a New Baby
    25 Ben Selvin Valencia
    26 Isham Jones I Lost My Heart in Monterey (When I Found You)
    27 Nick Lucas Sleepy Time Gal
    28 Duke Ellington East St Louis Toodle OO
    29 Lewis James Am I Wasting My Time On You
    30 Louis Armstrong Big Butter & Egg Man
    31 Cliff Edwards (Ukelele Ike) Dinah
    32 Ernest Hare & Billy Jones That Certain Party
    33 Jack Smith Baby Face
    34 Gene Austin Ya Gotta Know How To Love
    35 Ipana Troubadors Baby Face
    36 Pedro Celestino Ave Maria
    37 Irving Kaufman Tonight You Belong to Me
    38 Gid Tanner & his Skillet Lickers Turkey In De Straw
    39 George Olsen Horses
    40 Ben Bernie Reaching for the Moon
    41 Paul Whiteman Moonlight on the Ganges
    42 Turunas da Mauriceia Eu Vi Lili
    43 Henry Hall & his Orchestra Bird Song At Eventide
    44 Bessie Smith Lost Your Head Blues
    45 R Ricciardi Palma do Martirio
    46 The Happiness Boys She Knows Her Onions
    47 Henry Burr Always
    48 Abe Lyman & his California Orchestra Mary Lou
    49 Al Jolson At Peace with the World
    50 Ruth Etting Lonesome & Sorry

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