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    Video Playlist: Las canciones del año 1910
    #1 in 2016
    Rihanna - Work
    1 Peerless Quartet Let Me Call You Sweetheart
    2 Louise Homer America the Beautiful
    3 Billy Murray & Haydn Quartet By the Light of the Silvery Moon
    4 Bert Williams Play That Barber-Shop Chord
    5 Stanley Kirby Don't Go Down The Mine
    6 Eduardo das Neves Cancao do Marinheiro (Cisne Branco)
    7 Nora Bayes Has Anybody Here Seen Kelly?
    8 Billy Murray Carrie (Carrie Marry Harry)
    9 Harry MacDonough Where the River Shannon Flows
    10 Henry Burr Meet Me To-Night in Dreamland
    11 Harry MacDonough & Lucy Isabelle Marsh Every Little Movement
    12 American Quartet Call Me Up Some Rainy Afternoon
    13 Frank Stanley & Byron G Harlan Tramp, Tramp, Tramp (The Boys Are Marching)
    14 Harry MacDonough In the Valley of Yesterday
    15 Billy Murray & American Quartet Casey Jones
    16 Enrico Caruso Carmen - Air De La Fleur (Flower Song)
    17 Mischa Elman Humoresque Boogie
    18 Frances Alda Ave Maria
    19 Enrico Caruso & Frances Alda Il Trovatore - Miserere (I Have Sighed to Rest Me)
    20 Geraldine Farrar & Antonio Scotti Contes D' Hoffman - Barcolle Belle Nuit (Oh, Night of Love)
    21 Bert Williams I'll Lend You Everything I've Got Except My Wife
    22 Geraldine Farrar Old Kentucky Home
    23 Columbia Light Opera Company Tony From America
    24 Banda da Casa Edison Ao Luar
    25 Peerless Quartet Silver Bell
    26 Arthur Collins & Byron G Harlan That Mesmerizing Mendelssohn Tune
    27 Lucy Isabelle Marsh My Hero
    28 Haydn Quartet I'll Make a Ring Around Rosie
    29 Ada Jones By the Light of the Silvery Moon
    30 Walter Van Brunt It's Hard to Kiss Your Sweetheart (When the Last Kiss Means Good-Bye)
    31 Billy Murray What's the Matter with Father?
    32 Eddie Morton You Ain't Talking to Me
    33 Bert Williams Constantly
    34 American Quartet Play That Barber-Shop Chord
    35 Henry Burr All I Ask Is Your Love
    36 Peerless Quartet By the Light of the Silvery Moon
    37 Ada Jones & Billy Murray Go, Emaline
    38 Harry Champion Ginger You're Barmy
    39 Mario Pinheiro O Palida Madona
    40 Ella Retford Molly O'Morgan

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