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    Video Playlist: Las canciones del año 1905
    #1 in 2016
    Rihanna - Work
    1 Billy Murray Give My Regards to Broadway
    2 Enrico Caruso Vesti La Giubba (On With The Play)
    3 Billy Murray Yankee Doodle (Song)
    4 Billy Murray In My Merry Oldsmobile
    5 Arthur Collins The Preacher & the Bear
    6 Billy Murray Come Take a Trip in My Air-Ship
    7 Henry Burr In the Shade of the Old Apple Tree
    8 Winnie Melville The Pipes of Pan
    9 Banda da Casa Edison Fantasias ao Luar
    10 Billy Murray Everybody Works but Father
    11 Byron G Harlan Where the Morning Glories Twine Around the Door
    12 Corrine Morgan Dearie
    13 Richard Jose The Day That You Grew Colder
    14 Enrico Caruso Cavalleria Rusticanna - Brindisi (Drinking Song)
    15 Emilio DeGogorza Toreador's Song
    16 Robert Fear Cigarette
    17 Byron G Harlan Would You Care?
    18 Haydn Quartet In the Shade of the Old Apple Tree
    19 Arthur Collins & Byron G Harlan Tammany
    20 Albert Campbell In the Shade of the Old Apple Tree
    21 Arthur Collins Nobody
    22 Haydn Quartet My Little Canoe
    23 Frank Stanley In the Shadow of the Pyramid
    24 Arthur Collins What You Goin' to Do When De Rent Comes 'Round?
    25 Arthur Collins & Byron G Harlan Coax Me
    26 Haydn Quartet Silent Night, Holy Night
    27 Banda do Corpo de Bombeiros Itarare
    28 Isabel Jay You & I
    29 Mario Pinheiro Talento & Formosura
    30 George Baker If Those Lips could Only Speak
    31 Felix Mayol La Mattchiche
    32 Arthur Collins My Irish Molly-O
    33 Harry MacDonough Sweet Thoughts of Home
    34 Prince's Orchestra Coax Me Medley
    35 Haydn Quartet Tell Me with Your Eyes
    36 Ada Jones My Carolina Lady
    37 Frank Stanley In Dear Old Georgia
    38 Vess Ossman St Louis Rag
    39 Peerless Quartet Tell Me with Your Eyes
    40 Sousa's Band America

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