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    Video Playlist: Las canciones del año 1902
    #1 in 2016
    Rihanna - Work
    1 Byron G Harlan, Joe Belmont & the Florodra Girls Tell Me Pretty Maiden
    2 Arthur Collins Bill Bailey (Won't You Please Come Home)
    3 Bert Williams Good Morning, Carrie
    4 Banda da Casa Edison A Conquista do Ar (Santos Dumont)
    5 Arthur Collins Under the Bamboo Tree
    6 JW Myers On a Sunday Afternoon
    7 Harry MacDonough The Mansion of Aching Hearts
    8 Byron G Harlan The Mansion of Aching Hearts
    9 JW Myers In the Good Old Summer Time
    10 Len Spencer Arkansas Traveler
    11 Parlophone Quartet Under The Deodar
    12 Felix Mayol Viens Poupoule
    13 JW Myers Way Down in Old Indiana
    14 Arthur Collins & Byron G Harlan Down Where the Wurzburger Flows
    15 Sousa's Band Semper Fidelis
    16 Chauncy Olcott My Wild Irish Rose
    17 Cal Stewart Last Day of School at Pumpkin Center
    18 Scott Joplin The Entertainer
    19 Arthur Collins Tell Me, Dusky Maiden
    20 JW Myers The Mansion of Aching Hearts
    21 Edward M Favor On a Sunday Afternoon
    22 Banda da Casa Edison Ai & Que Sao Elas
    23 Dan Quinn Bill Bailey (Won't You Please Come Home)
    24 Dan Quinn Mister Dooley
    25 Byron G Harlan Mister Dooley
    26 Bert Williams When It's All Going Out & Nothing Coming In
    27 Alice Nielsen Always Do As People Say You Should
    28 JW Myers Pretty Molly Shannon
    29 Len Spencer Daybreak at Calamity Farm
    30 Jere Mahoney For Old Time's Sake
    31 JW Myers Nancy Brown
    32 Edna Thornton Land of Hope & Glory
    33 Frank Stanley & Byron G Harlan Two Rubes in a Tavern
    34 Dan Quinn Oh, Didn't He Ramble
    35 Bert Williams I Don't Like That Face You Wear
    36 Harry MacDonough Jennie Lee
    37 Haydn Quartet In the Sweet Bye & Bye
    38 J Aldrich Libbey On a Sunday Afternoon
    39 Harry MacDonough Home Sweet Home
    40 William Redmond In the Good Old Summer Time

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